All About Bruxism

If you have never heard of the term bruxism – but friends or loved ones have heard you grinding your teeth – then it’s time you learn all about this somewhat frustrating yet completely treatable disorder. Why? Well, like many oral concerns, we can easily diagnose the issue and provide noninvasive bruxism treatment to protect […]

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Teeth Grinding: A Cautionary Tale

It’s 2010, and Spencer has just landed the job of his dreams at an NYC brokerage firm. It’s fast-paced and intensely competitive, but Spencer is capable and driven. His diligence extends to his oral hygiene regime, and he never forgets to schedule his twice-yearly dental exams. Having worn braces as a teenager, his teeth are […]

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What Causes TMJ Disorder?

The temporomandibular joints connect our jaw to the skull. Without these joints, all jaw movement would be impossible, such as the action required to eat or even speak. For over ten million Americans, TMJ disorder develops when the jaw joints become strained. Without treatment, TMJ disorder can make opening and closing your mouth difficult and uncomfortable. […]

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