What Do You Do When a Toothache Comes Back?

Toothaches aren’t always a big problem for most people. If they feel a bit of sensitivity in their teeth, they might be able to ignore it, or put an over-the-counter (OTC) oral analgesic on it to numb the feeling. However, chances are that the toothache will come back if it’s only treated with a home remedy. The more it comes back, the worse it will be each time. At our Astoria, NY, dental office, we can help you find permanent relief for your toothache by finding out what’s causing it to come back and addressing it with personalized treatment. (more…)

Should You Seek Cosmetic Dental Care?

When you see your smile in pictures, or in the mirror, how do you feel? If you have reservations about the appearance of your smile, then you may need to talk to your Astoria, NY, dentist. With cosmetic dentistry, we have a variety of treatments, including some that can completed in one visit, to improve the beauty of the smile.


What’s Really Behind Adult Tooth Loss?

Not everyone will have to deal with tooth loss in their lives, but many people will. That’s why replacing lost teeth is such an important aspect of modern professional dental care. However, with the right routine care and dental health maintenance, most people have a good chance of successfully preventing tooth loss for life. At our Astoria, NY, dental office, dealing with and preventing tooth loss are important focuses of the care we provide. (more…)

Will Veneers Offer A Permanent Solution To My Cosmetic Issues?

In some cases, the results from cosmetic treatments are not permanent. For example, following whitening stains will eventually reappear on your smile.  But what if we had a cosmetic treatment option that offered a more permanent solution to many esthetic issues? With porcelain veneers, we have a strong and long-lasting solution to everything from stains to misshapen teeth. When should you see your Astoria, NY, dentist about them?