The Right Care For A Discolored Smile

If your smile is not the lovely shade of white it once was, you can have a harder time showing it off with confidence. Gradual changes in the color of your enamel can be difficult to avoid. Simply put, there are many popular foods and drinks we consume regularly that can leave behind stains. The buildup of particles that hurt the color of your teeth can be tough to remove. Even as you fight oral bacteria and prevent cavities, they can gradually accumulate and hurt your appearance. Our Astoria, NY dental practice is prepared to help. We can recommend teeth whitening treatment to help you brighten your smile and gain back your confidence. We can also provide a review and determine if intrinsic discoloration will need to be addressed through a different procedure to give you the changes you desire. (more…)

A Nearly Invisible Alignment Improvement

Adult Man Street Astoria NYIf you struggle with your alignment, you know how often it seems to impact your life. You rely upon your first impressions in both your social and professional lives, so putting your best face forward can allow you to thrive. The thought of traditional braces might seem a little too obtrusive for a working adult, however.

New technological advances in the field of dentistry are allowing for more comfortable and effective means of improvement. One of these methods is through the use of clear aligner trays to gently move your teeth; speak with Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS about all of your options, including this form of treatment. ClearCorrect offers a novel form of orthodontics that can help you to improve the look of your smile. The improvement of your alignment can also work to give you a better ability to brush and floss! (more…)

Be Prepared For A Dental Emergency

Shock Astoria QueensIt does not always take a significant event for you to damage a tooth. We are all at risk of potential breaks and cracks, as we use our mouths constantly throughout the day. Preparing yourself for a dental emergency is a helpful tool for anyone to keep in their arsenal. This way, you can assist yourself and others immediately after an accident. From loved ones to strangers on the subway, a few tips can give you some tools to help others.

If you or someone close to you has experienced a dental emergency, do not wait to seek treatment. Take the time now to learn when you need to seek immediate medical care at an emergency room. Your preparedness can give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to help in these situations. Speak with Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz in Astoria, Queens about your broken tooth and seek timely repair of damaged enamel. Take these helpful tools with you into your daily life! (more…)

Keep A Smile Journal For Your Checkup

City Astoria NYYou are with your mouth constantly throughout the day. This means that even minor concerns can become nagging issues as you deal with them on a daily basis. A diagnosis is vital to being able to appropriately treat your condition. Visit your dentist every six months in order to receive a visual examination and catch problems as they begin to develop.

It can be helpful to keep a journal with your smile needs. Take this with you for your routine cleaning and examination so that you can explain all of your issues. Sometimes, patients can be nervous or intimidated when they are in the dental chair. Even if you are perfectly calm, you may be more focused on the task at hand and forget some of the less pressing concerns that you face. Bring your smile journal to Leibowitz Dental in Astoria, NY and work on your comprehensive dental wellbeing! (more…)

Rest Easy With Helpful Sleep Appliances

Couple Astoria NYSleep disorders can be tricky due to the fact that they occur when you are unconscious. You may minimize the severity of your issue since you do not personally see it firsthand. In these instances, the help of a trusted loved one can help to bring this issue to your knowledge. If your partner or child has mentioned that your snoring is worrying them, take their concerns seriously. Chronic obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that can lead to serious and potentially life-threatening complications. These patients see an elevated rate of blood pressure and therefore a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

Bruxism is another form of nightly damage that can occur. This sleep disorder is concerned with the grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. When this action goes unchecked throughout the night, the damage can be direct and targeted toward one area. This specific area might suffer extreme overuse and cause imbalance in your smile. At Leibowitz Dental in Astoria, NY, we offer a simple non-surgical option in a sleep apnea appliance. These sleep appliances protect your smile by keeping your airway open and your enamel from colliding overnight! (more…)

Quick Improvements Bring Stunning Results

Walking Astoria NYFinding the time to set aside to improve your appearance can sometimes be a struggle. Before you head back into the office and start the new year, think about the positive enhancements you wish to see in 2023. Alongside your regular examination, discover how a cosmetic dental procedure using your own natural material can help you to look your best.

Erase years of stains with at-home whitening treatment from Leibowitz Dental in Astoria, NY. Experience the dual benefits of trained oral health professionalism alongside the convenience of home care. Gum contouring can also allow you to gain the most from your smile by removing unnecessary overgrowth of your periodontal tissue. Keep moving and improving with a new dental enhancement!