How Do I Know If I’m Grinding My Teeth?

In our last blog, we took a look at a common jaw joint disorder known as TMD. In today’s blog, we would like to discuss a related issue, bruxism. This disorder occurs when you grind and clench your teeth regularly. But how do you know if you have bruxism? Let’s look at what causes the disorder and when you should see your Astoria, NY, dentist for treatment.


You Can Discuss TMJ Disorder At Your Next Dental Exam

While a toothache is certainly a cause for concern, there are other types of dental discomfort you should discuss with your dentist during a routine exam. When a person suffers difficult jaw movement, or when they have issues with pain in their face, neck, or head, they could be in need of help with TMJ disorder. At our Astoria, NY dental practice, we can identify the signs of TMJ disorder, and discuss treating the problem. Resolving the matter can do more than just address aches and pains. Many people who have problems with their jaw also have trouble with nightly teeth grinding, known as bruxism. Over time, grinding can lead to significant damage to your teeth! (more…)

3 Reasons to Consider ClearCorrect Aligners

Once you know your teeth aren’t aligned properly, straightening shouldn’t be too difficult of a choice, especially given the consequences crooked teeth can have on your oral health. Yet, for many adult patients with orthodontic issues, wearing conventional metal braces can have a notable impact on their daily life, affecting everything from their appearance and self-confidence to their eating and daily hygiene routines. Fortunately, we can offer many patients in Astoria, NY, a more discreet solution in the form of ClearCorrect clear aligners. Instead of conventional brackets and wires, ClearCorrect uses nearly invisible aligners to straighten your crooked teeth with minimal impact on your confidence, comfort, or convenience. (more…)