What Causes TMJ Disorder?


The temporomandibular joints connect our jaw to the skull. Without these joints, all jaw movement would be impossible, such as the action required to eat or even speak. For over ten million Americans, TMJ disorder develops when the jaw joints become strained. Without treatment, TMJ disorder can make opening and closing your mouth difficult and uncomfortable.

Astoria NY TMJ Disorder Quiz

1. True or False: There is no link between teeth grinding and TMJ disorder.

2. True or False: Patients with TMJ disorder report multiple symptoms.

3. True or False: Surgery is often necessary to treat TMJ disorder.

4. True or False: Your Astoria NY dentist offers treatment options for TMJ disorder.

Answer Key

1. False. Your Astoria NY dentist understands that bruxism (teeth grinding) can place inordinate stress on the jaw joints, increasing the risk of TMJ disorder. Untreated bruxism also leads to damaged or worn down teeth, often resulting in a dental infection or abscess. In addition, missing teeth and malocclusion (bite misalignment) also place stress on the jaw joints.

2. True. Patients with TMJ disorder may report: Sore jaw, popping or clicking in the jaw, facial pain, neck and shoulder aches, headaches, earaches, tinnitus, toothaches, and tooth sensitivity. If you experience one or more of these symptoms on a regular basis, contact your Astoria NY dentist today for a diagnosis and to begin treatment.

3. False. Surgery is rarely prescribed to treat TMJ disorder. Only in rare cases will surgery be necessary to address jaw joint strain.

4. True. Dr. Leibowitz offers a number of comfortable and minimally invasive treatment options for TMJ disorder. For patients with missing teeth, Dr. Leibowitz may ease TMJ symptoms with the placement of dental implants or a dental bridge. To improve bite misalignment, Dr. Leibowitz may use crowns or veneers to buildup worn down or damaged teeth. Finally, Dr. Leibowitz may prescribe a mouthguard, which prevents the upper and lower teeth from touching, ending episodes of bruxism.

About Dr. Leibowitz:

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