How Bonding And Contouring Can Improve Your Smile

At Leibowitz Dental in Astoria, New York, we know just how important having an attractive grin can be. After all, this is one of your most prominent features. When you love your smile, you feel more confident in yourself. There are many ways to enhance the appearance of your pearly whites, from tooth whitening to veneers. If you are looking for a simple, conservative approach to improving your smile, bonding and contouring are great options. In today’s blog, we are here to discuss how these methods work.

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Composite Resin Can Erase The Appearance of Blemishes

If you have intrinsic staining that professional whitening cannot remove, there is another way to achieve an even smile. These types of discoloration may be due to injury, medical conditions, and other factors. While whitening is great for removing stains from eating and drinking, it cannot penetrate beyond the enamel. Cosmetic bonding is the process of adding composite resin to blemishes on your tooth.

This material is the same color as your natural dentition and will blend in while making your grin look stain-free. This is also a great option for patients with minor chips, cracks, or gaps in their smiles. Instead of going through several years of orthodontics to eliminate minor spaces between your teeth, composite resin can be added to fill in the area. If you have minute damage to your teeth, a crown may be an excessive restoration. Instead, bonding the tooth will protect against the minor chip and make your smile look full again. If you have more moderate to severe cracks in your tooth, your dentist may suggest a crown instead to fully restore the tooth.

Contour Your Teeth And Gums

Bonding is commonly paired with contouring to create the most stunning effect. During this process, a special tool will be used to gently reshape your pearly whites. This is helpful for patients who have pointy canines, or other jagged and misshapen teeth. The process of contouring is minimally invasive and will take only a short amount of time.

You can also combine these cosmetic options with gum contouring as well. Like reshaping the teeth, a special tool will be used to reshape the gingival tissue. Excess gums can make your teeth look smaller and not stand out when you smile. By contouring them, the gum line is brought down to show off more of your pearly whites. This can also assist in reducing the chances of gingivitis because it will be easier to floss and brush properly with shortened gums.

Talk To Your Dentist About This Cosmetic Option

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