Gum Contouring

When your gums look bumpy or uneven, or when you have excess tissues that make teeth appear short, it can be hard to love your smile. Our practice understands how frustrating it can be to have a “gummy” smile, and we can offer a solution in the form of gum contouring treatment! This cosmetic dental procedure can change the way you look when you smile without the need to modify your tooth structure.

Gum Contouring And Its Benefits For Your Smile

The work of gum contouring calls for the careful removal of excess periodontal tissues. This work can involve the following:

  • The trimming of excess tissues in order to reveal more of your tooth structure
  • The evening of periodontal tissues that appear bumpy or uneven
  • Corrections to any areas where the gums create smile asymmetries

Ultimately, we will plan your care around your needs. To help you fully achieve your dream smile, we can discuss the benefits of additional work like teeth whitening, the placement of veneers, or any other services that respond to your active esthetic concerns.

Making Gum Contouring Work More Comfortable

Dr. Leibowitz makes use of advanced surgical tools to remove tissues as needed to beautify your smile. The right tools and treatment approach help us minimize both the impact on your tissues and your recovery period. We can remove the need for the kind of care that involves cutting and stitching, and we can minimize swelling and recovery. We will provide guidance on how to enjoy the best and easiest recovery after treatment so that you can look forward to showing off your improved smile!

Discuss Gum Contouring Treatment With Dr. Leibowitz At Our Astoria, NY Dental Office

You can let go of your embarrassment over a “gummy” smile when you meet with Dr. Leibowitz about gum contouring treatment! We can carefully modify your periodontal tissues to reveal more of your tooth structure and give you a more attractive, symmetrical smile. If you would like to find out more, you can contact the office of Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz in Astoria, NY at 718-728-8320.