How can you make sure that cosmetic dental work will provide the changes you want? What can you do to see meaningful results while still minimizing the amount of work involved in your treatment? Our practice offers care with custom porcelain veneers, slender shells that hide flaws and lead to striking smile improvements!

What Are Porcelain Veneers, And How Can They Help You?

Porcelain veneers are slim restorations that are made to cover the front surfaces of teeth. Each one that is placed is custom-made to ensure that it provides a secure fit as well as a natural look. The porcelain material that they are made from can hold up for many years, ensuring that the improvements they offer are lasting.

While veneers only cover the front surfaces of teeth, their coverage is capable of giving your smile a brighter, more uniform look, one that is free of any embarrassing flaws that you currently want to treat. We are happy to discuss this service with you as well as other treatment options like dental bonding work and teeth whitening treatment.

Receiving Your Custom Porcelain Veneers

The placement of porcelain veneers can be fit into just two appointments. Your first visit is when important preparatory work takes place. Advance planning and preparatory work on your tooth structure will ensure you receive veneers that boast a natural look as well as a lasting bond. Dr. Leibowitz will carefully measure your teeth and make minimal changes to your enamel so that the bonding process is effective.

When you return for your second appointment, we will confirm that the restorations made for you are the right shape and size, and that they will produce the changes you want. From there, they are permanently affixed. That bonding process can ensure that these slender but remarkably strong restorations remain in position and keep your smile confidence high!

Talk To Dr. Leibowitz About Improving Your Smile With Veneers

Through treatment with porcelain veneers, our practice can provide meaningful changes with less work, and in less time, than you think possible. For more information on treatment with veneers, reach out to the dental office of Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz in Astoria, NY at 718-728-8320.