When You Need Dental Restorations

Leibowitz Dentistry has several ways to help restore your tooth back to its original health.

We know that our patients do their best to take care of their oral hygiene. When you face problems like cavities or damaging a tooth, it can be stressful to know what to do. Today, your Leibowitz Dental in Astoria, New York, is here to explain the various restorative treatments available to patients.

We have options from fillings to crowns. Every person has unique needs that need to be addressed, and it is important to understand the best option for you. Together with your dentist, a treatment plan can be created that will help keep your smile in good shape so that you can ease your worries.

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Caring For Your Cavities

If you have tooth decay, we can repair the area with a filling. This is a common treatment that involves removing the damaged tissue and adding composite resin to the hole left behind. This helps prevent decay from spreading further and damaging the tooth.

When a cavity is ignored for a long time, it can spread into the pulp of the tooth. To repair this, a root canal may be recommended to repair the tooth. During this procedure, the pulp will be removed and filled, and then a crown will be secured in place.

Removing A Tooth

There are several reasons that extraction may be necessary. If a tooth is damaged too severely, it may be difficult to restore to its original health. In other cases, like with wisdom teeth, structures growing in may become impacted or erupt poorly, which can damage the alignment of your smile. In this case, it is best to remove the tooth before the problem worsens.

Tooth extractions may cause anxiety for patients who are afraid of invasive dentistry and surgery. To help with this, we can offer forms of sedation that will allow you to feel more comfortable.

When You Injure A Tooth

If you crack, chip, or break a tooth, your dentist may offer a crown. At the first appointment, a temporary crown will be put in place. The permanent fixture will need to be crafted in a lab, so this one will be used to protect the teeth while you wait. At your next appointment, the permanent crown will be bonded to the natural tooth. The material of the crown will blend in naturally with the rest of your smile, so no one will notice that you need to have this service.

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