Reinforcing Your Smile with a Tooth-Colored Filling

two chewing side teeth of the upper jaw after treatment of caries. Restoration of the chewing surface with a photopolymer filling material using the Rubber Dam systemTooth decay is one of the more common dental concerns that many hear about, and is certainly one that is kept in mind as a reason to stay on top of your preventive care at home coupled with attending routine examinations and cleanings. Another factor to take into consideration is your diet, as a variety of foods contain harmful acids or sugars that can cause oral bacteria to soften your tooth’s structure at a faster rate. Indeed, decay can range from minor instances such as a cavity to major ones that may result in tooth loss, which is why your Astoria, NY dentist at Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS encourages you to be proactive about these concerns and reinforce your smile with a filling.

Removing Decay

When you develop a cavity, this means that harmful bacteria have targeted a portion of your tooth and has caused the structure to weaken, eventually forming a small hole. If this is left untreated, the hole will continue to get larger and larger, leaving room for even bigger dental concerns such as extensive decay and infection. After a significant amount of damage has been caused, procedures such as a filling or even a crown will no longer be effective, and these restorations may fail. What’s more, it may progress to an even worse extent in which a root canal treatment will not help, leaving the only viable option as extraction. By attending your regularly scheduled examinations, however, these concerns can be addressed in their earlier stages before it gets to this extent, and your doctor may be able to assist with a dental filling.

Preventing Disease

When your dentist performs a dental filling, he will begin by thoroughly cleaning and removing the decayed portions of the structure so as to prevent further spread of infection. After this, a composite resin is utilized to fill the hole. The material is malleable, allowing your dentist to shape and fill the area thoroughly so as to prevent any gaps or small holes. Once this step is complete, the material is hardened and then you are on your way!

Not only does your filling prevent further infection and decay, but it works as a reinforcement to prevent reinfection in the area addressed, affording you the ability to fully enjoy your grin once more as its function is restored.

A Lifelike Appearance

In some cases, your dentist may recommend a silver amalgam material for your filling depending on the circumstances, but he generally prefers to utilize the benefits of composite resin filling. The latter offers a benefit that the former cannot, and that is a natural-looking appearance. Composite resin is comprised of a durable plastic material that can be shade-matched to your grin, providing a near seamless finish. For more information on the cosmetic benefits of a filling, contact our team today.

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