Treating Tooth Decay

Sugars and starches in your mouth that are left over from food and beverages, are turned into acids by oral bacteria. These acids then attack your tooth enamel causing tooth decay, which are holes in your teeth. For small to moderate areas of decay, Dr. Leibowitz can fill these holes with durable materials that can help restore your tooth to its normal function. With care and precision, your Astoria dentist will promptly treat your decay before it has a chance to spread and require more extensive treatment.

Filling Materials

In some cases, Dr. Leibowitz may use silver amalgam fillings, but generally he prefers composite resin. Made of the same durable plastic material that is used for cosmetic bonding, composite resin provides optimal adhesion, and actually strengthens your tooth structure. Composite is tooth-colored and can be tinted to blend with your natural teeth, and a final polishing provides the same shine as tooth enamel.

Placing Fillings

After administering a local anesthetic to the area around the tooth, Dr. Leibowitz will remove the decay. He will then slightly etch the space to encourage a strong bond. Next, the resin material will be placed onto your tooth in liquid form and a special light used to cure, or harden it. Necessary adjustments are then made to ensure a smooth bite. Finally, Dr. Leibowitz will polish the filling material to achieve a natural-looking sheen.


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