Achieve A Brighter Smile With A Professional Whitening Treatment

A common concern that people have with their pearly whites is discoloration. Stains from our favorite foods, drinks, or lifestyle choices can make our teeth appear yellow or less vibrant. Many companies offer products that you can purchase in-store, but these can contain harsh ingredients that are not tailored to your needs. Dr. Leibowitz and his team in Astoria, NY, offer professional whitening treatments to help you reach your smile goals.

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Accomplish This At Home

Before having this service done, your dentist will examine your oral cavity to determine the type of staining you have. For patients with extrinsic stains, professional whitening is a great option. However, if you have deeper discoloration, a better alternative may be cosmetic bonding.

We offer our brightening service as a take-home solution. After taking an impression of your smile, we will create a custom tray for you to wear. Every night, you will apply bleaching gel to this tray and wear it while you sleep. After about a week, you can show off your improved grin. These results can last for several months with proper care and touch-ups.

Maintaining Your Vibrancy

Once you have completed your treatment, there are a few ways to help keep the results. First, remember to take care of your smile. Daily oral hygiene is an essential part of keeping your teeth stain-free and avoiding cavities or gum disease. You should also avoid smoking tobacco, as this can cause the teeth to yellow. If you are a frequent coffee or tea drinker, consider cutting back or drinking through a straw. Your dentist may also give you more specific advice for maintaining your results.

Cosmetic Bonding As An Alternative

As mentioned previously, this service may not help all types of discoloration. Patients with staining below the enamel may need to seek alternative options. Intrinsic staining may be caused by injury, infection, genetics, medical conditions, or other factors. The bleaching agent used for brightening does not penetrate below this top layer of your tooth. Instead, the blemishes can be disguised by bonding composite resin to the area. This material looks natural and is highly durable.

If you are also concerned with the alignment of your smile, you can talk to your dentist about clear aligners. This option allows patients to discreetly straighten their teeth without braces. Before having this done, your dentist will examine your oral cavity to determine if you are a good fit for this role. Then, a treatment plan will be created, and the process can begin.

Start The Process Today

If you are interested in this cosmetic option, contact your dentist today. To schedule an appointment, call the practice of Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz in Astoria, NY at 718-728-8320.