Root Canal Treatment

Through root canal treatment, our practice restores your oral health by resolving a threat that is present within the tooth structure. Infections can occur when cavities remain untreated, and they can also stem from issues with physical trauma. Going without this service when it is needed puts you at risk for losing the tooth and experiencing additional health complications!

What Makes Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Problems within the tooth structure need to be taken seriously, as they put the tooth itself at risk and make you vulnerable to spreading infection. The issue can stem from an untreated cavity as over time, decay will work through your enamel to give harmful microbes access to your pulp, the tooth’s central chamber. Harm to the pulp can also occur when there is physical trauma, particularly when the tooth structure is broken.

An infection will cause discomfort, and it can lead to swelling and discoloration of the tissues that surround the tooth structure. In time, the bacteria within your tooth can spread through the roots. This movement can result in the need for a tooth extraction as well as the potential risk for your infection to affect areas beyond the tooth itself.

Undergoing Root Canal Treatment

After numbing the tooth with local anesthetic, Dr. Leibowitz will make an opening in the structure so that he can work on the pulp. Through this opening, he can remove the bacteria and infected tissues. Once this is done, the space can be cleaned and disinfected, and it can then be sealed for the protection of the overall structure. To protect your tooth in the long term, a custom dental crown will be placed.

With the completion of your root canal, you can feel confident in your oral health. You can also enjoy relief from the discomfort your infection caused. Based on the location of your tooth, we can select a material for your dental crown that ensures it has the support you need for your smile and bite function.

Your Astoria, NY Dentist Can Address Your Tooth Trouble With A Root Canal!

Through root canal treatment, we can restore your tooth’s health and prevent potentially serious complications from an infection. Act quickly if you think you may have a need for this service, as the health of your tooth will continue to worsen until you receive the care you need. For more information, call our Astoria, NY dental practice at 718-728-8320!