Restorative dentistry provides different forms of care to help with oral health issues that vary in severity. Tooth extraction is only recommended when there is not a more conservative option available to restore your smile. It may be needed due to complications from gum disease, as a result of a severe injury, or as a consequence of an untreated cavity. Dr. Leibowitz can help you understand why this procedure is being recommended, provide expert care in safely removing the tooth, and work with you on plans for prosthetic dental work to restore your complete smile.

Undergoing A Tooth Extraction

A careful review will take place before a treatment like tooth extraction is recommended. Once we have confirmed that it will be necessary to remove your tooth to restore your oral health, we can begin planning your care. The removal will not take place until your tooth is effectively numbed with local anesthetic. From there, Dr. Leibowitz will use a special tool to loosen it before it is extracted from its socket. We will then aid you in protecting the affected area so that a blood clot forms over the socket.

After your procedure, you will receive instructions on how to protect the affected area and enjoy successful recovery. This includes guidance on keeping the area safe from infection, what you should and should not consume, and what to expect in terms of discomfort.

Replacing Your Lost Tooth

Our practice provides prosthetic dental services, and we can see to it that your tooth is replaced with a lifelike restoration. By working with you on more than just the removal itself, we make it easier for you to move forward on a journey to having a fully restored smile!

Talk To Dr. Leibowitz About Tooth Extraction

If it is necessary, a tooth extraction will be an important step in the recovery of your oral health. We can provide safe removal as well as detailed plans on maintaining your health after your treatment and the restoration of your complete smile at the appropriate time. For more information, call Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz at his dental office in Astoria, NY at 718-728-8320.