Clear Aligners

If you worry that only metal braces will help you with your poor teeth spacing, you can miss out on beneficial, patient-friendly care from clear aligners! Our Astoria, NY practice offers this as one of our several approaches to cosmetic dentistry. Through this treatment, you can fix problems with an orthodontic treatment approach that minimizes changes to your smile and daily life!

Using Your Clear Aligners To Change Your Smile

A series of custom-made clear appliances can guide your teeth in order to permanently change their positions and improve the way you look. With these aligners, you can correct issues with gaps and overlaps between teeth without conspicuous bracket-and-wire braces. This can also be an alternative to treatments like dental bonding and contouring and the placement of porcelain veneers, which call for permanent changes to tooth structure.

What You Should Expect From Your Adjustment

Dr. Leibowitz will closely evaluate your teeth and oral structures to determine what adjustments you currently require. After gathering this information, he can provide the necessary data to have personalized aligners made for your smile. Each one represents a step in an overall journey to close gaps, straighten out awkward overlaps, and generally give you a more symmetrical appearance. These appliances are made with a clear material that makes them difficult to see. They are also designed to be easy to remove when you need to eat or clean your teeth!

Learn More About The Impact That Clear Aligners Can Have On Your Smile!

By using a clear, removable alternative to metal braces, you can make the experience of straightening your teeth easier! Our practice offers custom aligners to help with gaps, crowding, and other problems related to your smile alignment. If you would like to find out more about this service and what role it can play in improving your appearance, contact the practice of Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz in Astoria, NY at 718-728-8320.