How Do Crowns Restore A Tooth?

astoria dental crownsWhen you have broken a tooth, or one has developed a painful infection, then a filling may not be enough to repair your smile. Instead, you may need a custom-made dental crown. In today’s blog, your Astoria, NY, dentist explains how we create a crown, and then what you can do to ensure they last for decades to come.

When Your Teeth Need More Than a Filling

What situations may call for a dental crown? We may prescribe one for a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, as well as teeth worn down and damaged due to teeth grinding or clenching. Our team could also place them to reshape malformed or misshapen teeth, and mask discoloration in the process. They could also be used to address severe cases of tooth decay or to complete a root canal to treat infected teeth. If you have missing teeth, then our team could secure a dental bridge or restore a single tooth dental implant.

Creating a Custom Dental Restoration

How do we create these lifelike dental crowns? To start, we will administer a numbing agent to ensure you feel calm and comfortable. Next, we remove structure from the tooth and take detailed images and impressions with digital scanning systems. The images and measurements will be used in a dental lab setting to design and craft the finished product. We may use all-porcelain for them, which ensures a lifelike appearance as we color-match them to blend with your teeth. These typically help the front-facing ones. For the side and rear teeth our team may use porcelain-fused-to-metal or zirconia, as they offer greater strength and durability, but also a lifelike appearance.

Placement and Maintenance

When you return to the office, we place the finished product with a powerful bonding agent. We will check the fit beforehand and if necessary, make final adjustments. We want to ensure a balanced bite! Routine care could then help prevent the onset of issues that threaten the teeth. You should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, and always use a fluoride toothpaste. You also need to floss every evening too! An appointment for a checkup and cleaning could allow us to keep a close eye on your smile too. If you have any questions about how we treat poor oral health or infected teeth with a dental crown, then contact our team today. We’re ready to help transform the health, stability, and beauty of your smile.

Do You Have Questions About Restorative Care?

We want to help people enjoy optimal oral health again by placing a custom and lifelike dental restoration. To learn more about treating cavities or broken teeth, then schedule a consultation by calling Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS, in Astoria, NY, today at 718-728-8320.