Will A Crown Blend With My Smile?

astoria dental crownA filling or dental bonding procedure isn’t always enough to fully address your cosmetic or restorative concerns. Your Astoria, NY, dentist may instead recommend a dental crown, which covers the entire visible portion of your tooth. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how we create restorations that repair teeth, and also blend with your smile!

Does Your Smile Need One?

We have prescribed them for patients who come to us with cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. We also help lengthen the teeth worn down by teeth grinding. Placement has been used to address advanced decay, or treat infections by completing a root canal procedure. We have reshaped malformed teeth as well. If you have lost one or more natural teeth, our team can restore the smile by securing a dental bridge or restoring a single tooth dental implant.

Making Sure Your Crown Looks Natural

For the front-facing teeth, we may opt for porcelain. The material is durable and strong, with the ability to absorb daily bite forces. The material is also translucent like tooth enamel, and can be shaded to blend with your smile. Porcelain also contains stain-resistant properties as well. Since the rear teeth must endure greater bite forces and pressures, we may need to recommend a stronger option. With porcelain-fused-to-metal and zirconia, we have options that will not only look natural, but withstand the bite forces expected of the rear teeth. Regardless of which of these three options we use, you can enjoy a natural looking repair!

Creating a Custom Restoration

To ensure a proper fit and a balanced bite, we need to custom-make each one for our patients. We start by removing structure from the tooth receiving a restoration. We then take detailed images and impressions, which will be used in a dental lab setting to help design and fabricate the final product. This process all takes place in the first visit.

Placement and Care

For placement, you return for a second visit. We check the fit and make any necessary adjustments before we place the crown with a powerful bonding material. Afterward, routine care will help ensure the restoration remains strong, and also safeguard surrounding teeth from other oral health issues. We suggest taking time to brush and floss daily, attend checkup and cleaning visits every six months, and cut back on your sugar consumption. If you have any questions about repairing and restoring smiles, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Restorative Care?

We want to make sure damage to your teeth doesn’t mean their loss. To learn more about how we restore teeth to optimal function and health, then schedule a consultation by calling Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS, in Astoria, NY, today at 718-728-8320.