Your Aching Tooth Could Need A Root Canal

astoria root canal therapyWhen a tooth is infected, a filling may not be enough to offer relief and protect your tooth from being lost. Which is why we offer an endodontic treatment to treat concerns with the interior of your tooth. In today’s blog, your Astoria, NY, dentist talks about how we treat aching and infected teeth with a gentle root canal procedure.

The Warning Signs of an Infected Tooth

How do you know if your smile benefits from a root canal procedure? An infection occurs when bacteria reach the inner pulp, your tooth’s nerve center. This could be accomplished through an untreated cavity or a serious injury to the tooth. The infection means pain when you bite down or eat, toothaches and sensitivity that increases in severity, facial and jaw pain, and even swelling near the tooth or a discharge from the tooth itself. Treatment is crucial because in the advanced stage, the tooth could be lost or require extraction to protect the rest of the smile. You need an endodontic treatment like a root canal to preserve your smile!

Ensuring Your Treatment is Comfortable

We know that some people have anxiety about seeking dental care, and the prospect of a root canal could seem scary. But the fact is, most people find the procedure itself comparable to a simple filling placement. Our team will use a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable, and can discuss sedation options for those with anxiety, so they enter a calm and relaxed state, often with little to no memory of the procedure itself. We want you to enjoy a positive experience in our office, so you never hesitate to seek dental care in the future, and can maintain optimal oral health.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

Once you’re properly sedated and comfortable, our team can open the tooth and then remove the tissue from within. Afet, we do, we clean the interior of the tooth thoroughly. A special restorative filling material is then added to the interior of the tooth, known as gutta percha. Finally, we cap the tooth with a dental crown, one custom-made to ensure not only a proper fit and balanced bite, but also a lifelike appearance that blends with your smile. Afterward, you can improve your at-home oral hygiene routine and see us for checkups and cleanings to reduce the risk of infections in the future.

If you have any questions about how we save smiles with a root canal procedure, or if you have an aching tooth that needs attention, then contact our team today to learn more.

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