Be Prepared For A Dental Emergency

Shock Astoria QueensIt does not always take a significant event for you to damage a tooth. We are all at risk of potential breaks and cracks, as we use our mouths constantly throughout the day. Preparing yourself for a dental emergency is a helpful tool for anyone to keep in their arsenal. This way, you can assist yourself and others immediately after an accident. From loved ones to strangers on the subway, a few tips can give you some tools to help others.

If you or someone close to you has experienced a dental emergency, do not wait to seek treatment. Take the time now to learn when you need to seek immediate medical care at an emergency room. Your preparedness can give you the knowledge and the confidence you need to help in these situations. Speak with Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz in Astoria, Queens about your broken tooth and seek timely repair of damaged enamel. Take these helpful tools with you into your daily life!

Know Your First Steps After An Emergency

The moments that immediately follow a dental emergency can become eerily quiet as you begin to understand your situation. It can be difficult to keep calm at this time, but you can be prepared for this possibility. Before anything else, you should ensure that you account for the immediate health of everyone. Depending on the severity of the situation, an emergency room might be necessary, since the hospital has access to certain life-saving procedures including blood transfusions.

Call Your Provider And Safely Collect The Pieces

Once you have determined that everyone is safe from immediate harm, you can begin your next actions. Gather as many missing bits of teeth and tissue as you can find, so that you can safely transport them to the dentist. Keep these pieces in a clean bit of cloth or gauze. This material can be used to repair a tooth in certain instances, so make sure to protect them until you reach your oral health provider.

If your tooth has been fully knocked out, you can gently rinse it with water and place it back into the socket. Always handle it by the crown, which is the part that you normally see, in order to avoid touching the root material. Contact between your fingers and this portion of the tooth can affect the success of your repair, so avoid touching soft tissue when possible.

Emergency Dentistry In Astoria, Queens

Speak with a qualified dental provider as soon as you can after a broken or dislodged tooth. The rapid treatment of your damage can help you to limit the lasting impact, so call Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS at 718-728-8320. in Astoria, Queens for more information. Keep calm with the oral health knowledge you need when you suffer a dental emergency!