Keep A Smile Journal For Your Checkup

City Astoria NYYou are with your mouth constantly throughout the day. This means that even minor concerns can become nagging issues as you deal with them on a daily basis. A diagnosis is vital to being able to appropriately treat your condition. Visit your dentist every six months in order to receive a visual examination and catch problems as they begin to develop.

It can be helpful to keep a journal with your smile needs. Take this with you for your routine cleaning and examination so that you can explain all of your issues. Sometimes, patients can be nervous or intimidated when they are in the dental chair. Even if you are perfectly calm, you may be more focused on the task at hand and forget some of the less pressing concerns that you face. Bring your smile journal to Leibowitz Dental in Astoria, NY and work on your comprehensive dental wellbeing!

Jot Down All Of Your Dental Needs Before Your Appointment

One beneficial method of bringing your concerns to the dentist is through the use of a smile journal. Keep a notebook with you before your visit and document any pain or discomfort you experience. Note any feelings as well as the location of any of your nagging issues. If it helps, you can just make a note on your phone or text yourself!

Keeping a smile journal can be particularly helpful in the diagnosis of certain forms of dentin sensitivity. Note the times in which you experience discomfort. Document as much about these instances as possible so that you can give accurate information to your oral health provider. These symptoms can help to find your treatment through an accurate diagnosis. More data means more information for your dentist.

Stick To Your Six Month Timeline With Dental Visits

Maintaining a smile requires help beyond your at-home oral health hygiene. Adults and children alike need to see the dentist every six months. Keep your smile journal shorter with more consistent visits to the dentist. You have the power to set the tone with regular visits to the office. Starting a smile journal can help you to feel more comfortable expressing your dental needs.

Maintaining Successful Smiles In Astoria, NY

Your routine cleaning and examination schedule is vital to the success of your lasting smile wellness. Call Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS, in Astoria, NY, today at 718-728-8320 for more information or to schedule an appointment. People of all ages require a checkup every six months in order to continue to have a healthy mouth. Write down your smile concerns so that you can discuss all your available options at your visit. This approach can help you to remember all of your issues and can also help find diagnoses.