You Still Need To Brush And Floss

astoria brushing and flossingNo matter your age, you always need to take time to brush and floss your teeth! These actions are crucial for avoiding major oral health issues, such as tooth decay and even gum disease. In today’s blog, your Astoria, NY, dentist talks about how to properly brush and floss each day, and how this helps your smile.

The Impact of Poor Oral Health

When we consume foods and drinks with a high amount of sugar, and don’t take steps to properly clean our smiles each day, this could allow harmful oral bacteria to consume the trapped particles from our meals. These are caught between the teeth or stuck to them, and the process of breaking them down could lead to plaque buildup. Plaque coats the teeth and over time, could weaken outer enamel and inflame periodontal tissues, leading to an increased risk of cavities, infection, gingivitis, and even gum disease. You’re also more likely to develop bad breath and teeth stains!

Brushing Your Teeth

Daily care helps limit how much harmful bacteria can consume, and therefore limits the severity of plaque and tartar until you can see us for a professional cleaning, during which we remove all buildup from the teeth. You should brush your teeth when you wake and once more before bed each day. Each session should take two minutes to ensure you’re reaching every available surface properly. You can use an electric or manual toothbrush, either is good as long as you’re cleaning your teeth properly. However, we do suggest picking one with soft bristles, as cleaning too rough with medium or hard bristles could irritate gum tissues and weaken outer enamel. We also recommend a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride helps strengthen the outer enamel, so look for this or the American Seal of Acceptance on the packaging.

Flossing Nightly

Flossing each night is also recommended for people of all ages! Brushing your teeth cleans your teeth, but cannot reach the particles trapped between them and along the gum line. But when we floss, we reach and remove these particles, safeguarding the smile. You should take an 18-inch to 20-inch length of tap and wrap each end around one of your thumbs. Then hold it tight with your index fingers. Run the tape up and down each side of every tooth, dipping below the gum line in a “c” motion when you do. Then adjust the grip on the tape to use a cleans portion for each tooth.

Do You Have Any Questions About Daily Care?

Our team is ready to help you and your family continue to ensure good oral health. To learn more about caring for your smile from home, or to set up your next dental appointment, then schedule a consultation by calling Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS, in Astoria, NY, today at 718-728-8320.