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Ready To Try A Fixed Bridge?

Have you recently lost one or more teeth? Tooth loss can mean embarrassing gaps in your smile. However, without treatment the missing teeth can also lead to serious complications, such as a greater risk of misalignment forming. Are you ready to try addressing your tooth loss with a fixed dental bridge?

How Does A Root Canal Save A Tooth?

Despite an unwarranted reputation that says otherwise, root canals are a safe, comfortable, and very important procedure. We use them to actually save teeth, protecting them becoming lost or requiring extraction. How does a root canal actually save our teeth?

Ready For A Dental Crown?

When a tooth becomes damaged or develops an oral health issue, such as decay or infection, then a restoration is needed. Otherwise, the risk of discomfort or losing the tooth increases. Fortunately, we can create and place a lifelike dental crown, improving your smile in as little as two visits.

How Do You Place A Filling?

When a cavity forms you need treatment. Otherwise, your toothache and minor decay could soon lead to more severe pain and a dental infection. Often, we correct the issue by placing a dental filling to return the tooth to full function and health. How do we place a dental filling?

Can Restorations Fix My Broken Teeth?

Let’s say you’re involved in a sports injury, or you bit down on a particularly hard piece of food. You then feel some pain and find out you managed to chip or even break your tooth. Now what? Fortunately, we can use dental restorations to fix a broken tooth and protect your smile from oral… Read more »

How Do You Create Implant Restorations?

As we’ve discussed before, tooth loss can lead to serious issues with your oral health, impacting your appearance as well as your ability to eat and speak. For a more lifelike and longer lasting solution than removable dentures or traditional bridges, we may prescribe a dental implant. We can create natural looking restorations to complete… Read more »

Which Denture Do You Need?

Have you lost multiple teeth? If so, then a dental bridge may not be enough to restore your smile. In situations in which patients lose a majority, or possibly all, of their teeth, we may suggest a prosthetic. Which type of denture do you need? Will a full or partial be the best choice for… Read more »

Quiz: What Do You Know About Dental Bridges?

In a situation where a patient loses one to three teeth (in a row) we may recommend a crown-retained prosthetic known as a dental bridge. What do you know about dental bridges? By placing one and addressing tooth loss in a timely manner, you can avoid a host of complications and enjoy improved oral health,… Read more »

How Do You Treat An Infection?

When a tooth becomes infected, treatment is needed right away. Otherwise, the issue could grow worse until extraction is required to prevent the infection from spreading. But what causes this and how do you treat an infected tooth? With a safe and comfortable endodontic procedure known as root canal treatment, we can repair infected teeth.

Complete Restoration With Dental Crowns

Last week, we looked at how fillings can target areas of decay and repair a tooth. Today, we’re looking a more substantial restoration with dental crowns. Instead of targeting a specific area of the tooth, the restoration actually covers the entire visible portion, allowing us to address multiple problems with a tooth’s function, health, and… Read more »