Full And Partial Dentures

With full and partial dentures, our practice can help patients who have gone through more significant tooth loss issues. This approach to prosthetic dental work can help you regain a complete smile in less time than you expect, and with a more conservative overall treatment approach.

A partial denture can close multiple gaps that are present in your smile, including non-adjacent gaps. With a full denture, we can replace an entire missing row of teeth! Your custom appliance can provide meaningful long-term benefits for your appearance and oral health.

Placing A Partial Denture

A dental bridge is effective at restoring a person’s smile when one tooth is missing, or when there are several teeth in a row that must be replaced. By providing a partial denture, Dr. Leibowitz can replace all of your missing teeth in a row with one appliance, even if those gaps are not adjacent.

The custom appliance is able to stay in place thanks to metal clasps attached to your natural teeth. With the stability that they offer, these restorations allow you to return to a more comfortable and natural bite movement, which lowers your risk for TMJ disorder and lets you reduce the wear and tear on remaining teeth.

Full Dentures

A full denture can address the total loss of upper or lower teeth with a single appliance. Dr. Leibowitz will work with you to evaluate your oral structures and determine the precise shape and size needed for your restoration. With this information, an appliance can be made to provide a secure and comfortable fit. The appliance boasts a gum base as well as a row of durable and lifelike replacement teeth. We can assist you if there are early warning signs of a poor fit, and provide guidance on maintaining your appliance and health after your smile is restored.

Talk To Dr. Leibowitz About Receiving A Full Or Partial Denture

With full and partial dentures, our practice can replace multiple lost teeth with just one appliance. We work carefully with patients affected by this condition to ensure treatment has lasting benefits while also minimizing the overall work required. If you would like to learn more, contact the practice of Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz in Astoria, NY at 718-728-8320.