Dental Bridges

Prosthetic dentistry makes it possible for someone who experiences tooth loss to gain back more than just a complete smile. A dental bridge is a custom restoration that we can fix in place permanently. When in position, it is able to provide cosmetic benefits as well as important bite support.

How A Dental Bridge Benefits You

A dental bridge will be custom-made to replace one tooth, or several adjacent teeth, absent from your smile. The appliance consists of at least one pontic (replacement tooth) and a pair of dental crowns that will serve as abutments to hold the restoration in position.

Through the placement of your bridge, we can close your smile gap and allow you to show off a complete smile once again. The materials used include crowns and artificial teeth that offer advanced cosmetic and functional benefits as well as a gum base that helps the appliance appear natural. Because it is strong enough to absorb bite pressure, you can maintain natural jaw movements when biting and chewing. This reduces your risk for TMJ disorder, and it will help you evenly apply pressure and avoid overusing certain teeth. We can talk to you about your candidacy for this work, and we can also explore other solutions, such as the placement and restoration with a dental implant.

Treatment With A Dental Bridge

Placement will first require measurements to determine your restoration’s shape and size, along with preparatory work for the teeth that will be restored with the crowns attached to your bridge. From the measurements Dr. Leibowitz secured, a custom restoration will be produced that has a secure fit and the right look to match your smile. The crowns are permanently affixed to the teeth that surround your gap, to effectively hold your restoration.

The work to restore your smile can be completed in just two appointments. Once you have your restoration, Dr. Leibowitz can provide guidance on maintaining it and preserving your overall oral health after restorative work.

Talk To Your Astoria, NY Dentist About Treatment With A Dental Bridge

The restoration of your smile with a dental bridge can give you back your confidence in your appearance and provide important oral health improvements. To learn more about what a dental bridge can do for you, contact Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz in Astoria, NY at 718-728-8320.