What Do You Do When a Toothache Comes Back?

Toothaches aren’t always a big problem for most people. If they feel a bit of sensitivity in their teeth, they might be able to ignore it, or put an over-the-counter (OTC) oral analgesic on it to numb the feeling. However, chances are that the toothache will come back if it’s only treated with a home remedy. The more it comes back, the worse it will be each time. At our Astoria, NY, dental office, we can help you find permanent relief for your toothache by finding out what’s causing it to come back and addressing it with personalized treatment.

Make sure you keep up with good dental hygiene

Poor hygiene is one of the biggest reasons why your teeth can grow sensitive. Their main layer of protection – the enamel that surrounds their surfaces – is highly mineralized, and when healthy, it protects your teeth from all irritations. However, when oral bacteria are allowed to linger on your teeth, they can produce acids that weaken your tooth enamel, making the main tooth structure underneath it more sensitive. Practicing good hygiene every day is the most efficient way to keep your tooth enamel healthy and prevent your teeth from aching.

Find out why your tooth keeps hurting

If your toothache continues despite an excellent hygiene routine, then your tooth enamel may already be compromised, leaving your tooth at risk for a cavity. Or, the cavity may have already developed in your tooth due to tooth decay (infection). If your tooth aches because of tooth decay, or any other condition with your tooth’s structure, then prompt restorative treatment may be able to restore the tooth and alleviate its discomfort. For example, a cavity can be filled with a tooth filling to protect its exposed structure and stop the tooth from hurting.

Take your dentist’s advice on how to address it

When you visit your dentist to find out why your tooth hurts, the next step is to address the problem. This may include a tooth filling, or it may require root canal treatment if you have severe tooth decay. Or, you may need another restoration, such as a custom-designed dental crown, to more effectively restore and fortify your tooth structure (depending on the extent of damage to your tooth).

Stop your toothache from coming back

If your toothache keeps coming back, then chances are it won’t stop until you seek a professional diagnosis and treatment for it. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, call Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS, in Astoria, NY, today at 718-728-8320.