How Do You Place A Dental Crown?

We use crowns for a variety of reasons, as they can return a tooth to full function, health and even appearance. But as a patient, what should you expect from the placement process? How do we place crowns and can we make sure they blend with your smile?

When Do We Recommend One?

We recommend them for issues that require more than dental bonding or a filling. For example, advanced tooth decay or a dental infection are often addressed with the placement of a dental crown. We can also repair chipped teeth, dental fractures, or even major breakage. We’ve placed them to lengthen worn down teeth, adjust bite misalignment, or to anchor a dental bridge into place. We can even use them to restore a single tooth implant, aiding in replacing missing teeth. As you can see, they serve of number of cosmetic and restorative functions.

Creating and Placing Them

Creating them begins with preparation. To make room, we need to remove a small segment of tooth structure from the tooth and take detailed impressions. At a dental lab, the impression will be used to design and then fabricate the dental crowns. Once complete, you return for a second visit, during which we check the fit for accuracy and if needed, make final adjustments. We place the completed restoration using a powerful bonding agent. To ensure a lifelike appearance, we often use ceramic to create them. Ceramic is strong, stain-resistant, and offers the same translucent appearance as natural enamel. We can also color-match the material to better blend with your smile.

Keeping Your Restoration Strong

Maintaining your new crown means caring for it as you would natural teeth. Brushing your teeth, flossing, and having your teeth professionally examined and cleaned can help ensure your restoration lasts for decades to come.

Do You Have Questions About a Crown?

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