How Do We Examine Your Smile During A Checkup?

We recommend that our patients undergo routine dental exam every six months. During your checkup, we will look for signs of possible issues with your smile. Identifying these problems early can help safeguard your smile against serious complications. How do we examine your smile during a checkup?

Frequently Asked Questions About Examining Smile During a Checkup

Question: How do you check for periodontal problems?

Answer: We will visually examine your gum tissue. We may then use a periodontal probe to measure the depth of your periodontal pockets. From there, we can see if you require treatment for gingivitis or gum disease. Treating gum issues is essential for protecting your smile against tooth loss and a host of uncomfortable symptoms.

Question: What does a digital x-ray look for?

Answer: We use digital x-rays to obtain a detailed view of teeth and your jaw. We can look for signs of tooth decay, wisdom tooth eruption, or issues with your jawbone’s alignment. The images are available instantly, allowing us to walk you through the diagnosis.

Question: Will you watch for TMJ disorder or bruxism?

Answer: Yes, we will examine your jaw and look for signs of friction on the teeth. We can then identify the presence of TMJ disorder or bruxism, recommending treatment before these problems cause further discomfort or damage your smile.

Question: How often do I need an exam?

Answer: We recommend a visit every six months. Remember, in addition to tooth decay and gum disease, we also screen for oral cancer. Don’t put off this essential preventive visit. Make time to see us every six months, you can call to schedule an appointment today. Let us help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Do You Need to Schedule a Visit?

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