Checkups And Cleanings

For truly effective smile care, you should rely on both a thorough hygiene routine at home and regular preventive care with a dental professional. The office of Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz has provided the Astoria community and surrounding areas with terrific care, and our practice continues to welcome new patients. At these visits, we provide thorough reviews to keep patients informed about the state of their dental well-being. Dr. Leibowitz plays a direct role in your care throughout your appointment, as he performs his own dental cleanings in addition to providing valuable exams and treatment recommendations (when needed).

Dr. Leibowitz Provides Teeth Cleanings For All Patients

One of the ways Dr. Leibowitz sets himself apart from other dentists is by performing dental cleanings for his patients. Because he takes on this service himself, you spend more time with your dentist at a general appointment. This means you have more time to build a strong relationship with your practitioner, and it also means he spends more time closely evaluating your teeth, gums, and oral structures!

Regular dental cleanings are important even when you have a consistent daily hygiene routine that you practice. Through these regular services, you gain feedback about the current effectiveness of your brushing and flossing efforts. You also enjoy protection against tartar formation, as brushing and flossing alone will not remove any deposits currently present on your smile.

The Importance Of Regular Reviews

Why are you advised against waiting until something looks or feels wrong to see your dentist? What do you lose out on by not attending regular exams? These regular visits provide important updates about your oral health, and they can lead to timely warnings about oral health issues that have not yet caused you discomfort.

During your semiannual checkups, Dr. Leibowitz will perform a visual review and use imaging technology to thoroughly evaluate your teeth, gums, and oral structures. By going over his findings with you, he can effectively communicate your current health and potential needs. The feedback you receive includes timely warnings and care for problems like sleep apnea as well as TMJ disorder and bruxism.

Count On The Protection Offered By Cleanings And Checkups With Dr. Leibowitz!

Routine dental checkups and cleanings with Dr. Leibowitz help you stay on top of your oral health needs and prevent future threats. Learn how our practice stands apart when it comes to routine care by calling our Astoria, NY practice at 718-728-8320.