Preventing Oral Problems with a Fixed Bridge

Filling in the unsightly gaps caused by missing teeth is more than a matter of improving your appearance or your ability to eat. Tooth replacement can help prevent your other teeth from shifting and becoming crooked. You may also develop TMJ disorder or bruxism if your teeth become misaligned, which can lead to tooth wear and breakage, as well as chronic headaches, neck aches, and shoulder pain. Dr. Leibowitz offers a tooth replacement option that will literally bridge the gap, preventing health problems, restoring your ability to eat with ease, and enhancing your smile. A dental bridge consists of two parts: abutments, which are crowns placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap; and pontics, which are natural-looking false teeth that are connected to the abutments.

Placing Your Fixed Bridge

A two-step process, placing a dental bridge first involves preparing your abutment teeth for crowns. After shaping your teeth for optimal crown bonding, Dr. Leibowitz will make a dental impression which the lab will use to construct a perfectly-fitting dental bridge that blends in naturally with your other teeth. After your dental bridge is handcrafted by an expert dental ceramist, Dr. Leibowitz will cement the bridge to your abutment teeth, and in just two visits you will leave our office with a fully functioning, dazzling new smile.

Keeping Your Bridge in Great Shape

With proper care, your dental bridge should last for years. Brush your restoration at least twice a day along with your other teeth, and floss between your teeth and crowns at least once daily. You will need to take great care to clean the small space where your bridge rests against your gum line, as food debris and bacteria often collect there. Dr. Leibowitz will instruct you on threading floss through this space or using special small brushes to clean the area so that you can maintain the integrity of your dental bridge and the health of your gums.


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