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Q&A: What are My Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is a serious dental heath issue that affects millions of people in the United States. In fact, even the loss of a single tooth can lead to serious negative consequences for your oral health. To ensure continued health and stability, you should seek a replacement for your missing teeth. A number of dental… Read more »

Your Choice of Dentures at Your Astoria Dentist’s Office

Although many patients benefit from the use of dentures to restore their smiles after significant tooth loss, every dental prosthetic is custom-designed to address each case specifically. At your Astoria dentist’s office, Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz offers a variety of dentures to match the severity of your tooth loss, whether you’ve lost all of the teeth… Read more »

A Brief History of Dentures and Other Tooth Replacements

Inquiring minds may have wondered at some point, who invented dentures? However, the question may be harder to answer than you might realize. While the modern design for dentures may be a few hundred years old, evidence shows that the idea of replacing lost teeth may date back thousands of years. With impressive experience restoring… Read more »

Astoria Dentist Discusses the Reinvention of Traditional Dentures

While losing one or more teeth can be unsettling, losing most or all of your teeth can be devastating. Even if you didn’t mind a small gap in your smile, chances are you’d feel differently if the gap extended to cover your entire dental ridge. Luckily, you don’t have to spend the rest of your… Read more »

Dentures FAQs Answered by Your Astoria Dentist

What are partial dentures? Partial dentures, like complete dentures, are made from an acrylic material shaped like your teeth on a plastic base made to look like your gum tissue. Unlike full dentures, partial dentures are recommended if you have some teeth. These dental prosthesis stay in place by attaching to one or more of… Read more »