Should You Be Concerned About Teeth Grinding?

We’ve often talked about the risk of tooth decay and infection, and even how to limit the severity of teeth stains while you’re staying at home. But in today’s blog, your Astoria, NY, dentist explains how bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, could be linked to stress and might be an issue that threatens your oral health. How do you know if you grind your teeth, and when should you talk to your dentist?

Stress and Bruxism

Bruxism is a disorder in which a person grinds or clenches his or her teeth on a nightly basis. The causes of the disorder vary, and are often linked to missing teeth, bite imbalance, dental misalignment, TMJ disorder, or even an injury to the face or jaw. However, a major factor in the onset of this disorder is high levels of stress in your day-to-day life. Unless treated, teeth grinding could place enormous pressure on your teeth, wearing down the protective layers of tooth enamel and even cracking or chipping the teeth, which then exposes the sensitive inner layers of structure and increases the risk of issues like tooth decay and dental infection.

Signs You May Need Treatment

If you begin to notice aches in your jaw or face, or headaches and migraines, then you may need to talk to us. If the teeth begin to appear small or short, or if you notice damage, contact our team. If you also begin to experience tooth sensitivity or toothaches that do not pass after a day or two, then again let us know. While we’re unable to offer general and preventive treatments, our team is still here for Astoria, NY, residents in need of emergency care!

Protecting Your Oral Health

To lower your risk, try to take steps to ease your stress levels, such as breathing exercises, working out, and maintaining a schedule so you can better manage your new routine. Try to cut back on caffeinated beverages or hard and chewy foods, which could exacerbate symptoms. If you experience tension in your jaw, use a warm washcloth against the side of the face to alleviate the discomfort. If you have pain in your teeth, then we can offer restoration with dental bonding or a crown as part of our approach to emergency dentistry. When our doors open again, we can help manage bruxism with a custom-made oral appliance. If you have any questions, then contact our team today!

Do You Have Questions About Maintaining Good Oral Health?

Our team wants to make sure that our patients understand the warning signs of possible problems, and have the right information to keep smiles strong. To learn more about avoiding major oral health problems at home, then schedule a consultation, call Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS, in Astoria, NY, today at 718-728-8320.