FAQs About Tori

In our blog we often talk about the more common oral health issues we address, such as tooth decay or periodontal disease. However, there is a rare dental health problem rarely discussed: mandibular tori. These bony growths can impact how oral appliances and orthodontics fit, and sometimes lead to discomfort. We’re going to answer a few common questions about this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tori

Question: Does tori impact my oral health?

Answer: Tori refer to bony growths that typically form on either side of the palate’s midline in your upper or lower jaw. They are rare, only occurring in between 5% and 10% of patients on average. However, the growths rarely have a negative impact on oral health. They can occasionally prevent oral appliances from fitting or complicate treatment. In addition, they can be susceptible to injury when patients consume rough foods, such as chips, pizza, or especially crusty bread.

Question: Should I see the dentist if I notice bony growths?

Answer: You should! The reason is that while tori may not be especially harmful to your smile, sores or growths in your mouth are also common warning signs of oral cancer. A routine exam can allow us to see if you need to see a specialist for oral cancer treatment, or if you simply have tori.

Question: Can they be removed?

Answer: Yes, they can be removed if they impede treatment, have a negative impact on your oral health, or make eating difficult. They are very slow growing but can eventually reach a size that makes removal the preferable option.

Question: Can I prevent them?

Answer: Causes can vary, but often they are related to pressure from bruxism. Grinding our teeth or clenching our teeth can make the onset of them more noticeable. While you may not be able to prevent the disorder, addressing other problems, such as bruxism, can definitely offer a preventive step.

Do You Need Treatment?

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