Can You Treat Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, can lead to exhaustion and serious complications. Treating the disorder is crucial for remaining productive and enjoying a good quality of life. Fortunately, we can treat sleep apnea using comfortable and minimally invasive solutions, and without a cumbersome CPAP machine!

Frequently Asked Questions About Treating Sleep Apnea

Question: Is snoring a sign that I need treatment?

Answer: In many cases, yes. Chronic snoring occurs when the airways are partially blocked by the soft tissues in our mouth and throat. As air is forced through, the vibrations cause the sounds we known as snoring. Patients with sleep apnea often experience chronic snoring, as well as dry mouth, waking up gasping for air, choking briefly in their sleep, and moodiness/difficulty concentrating during the day.

Question: What causes apneic episodes?

Answer: An apneic episode develops when the soft tissues in the back of the throat and the mouth collapse after becoming overly relaxed. The blocked airways mean the patient stops breathing, at least until the brain wakes them after registering a lack of oxygen. For some, this can happen hundreds of times each night, leaving them sleep deprived.

Question: What complications an arise without treatment?

Answer: Without treatment, sleep apnea can lead to a greater risk of depression, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. If the symptoms we discussed above sound familiar, then please see us for a diagnosis right away!

Question: How do you treat OSA?

Answer: We can use an oral appliance, which is similar in appearance and function as a nightguard. The device is worn as you sleep and actually moves the jaw forward. Doing so prevents the air passages from being blocked and allows uninterrupted breathing. If you have questions about treating sleep issues, then please contact our office today.

Do You Have Questions About OSA?

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