How Do You Treat Tooth Decay?

leibowitztoothdecayIf you develop a cavity then treatment is crucial for avoiding more serious complications, such as a toothache or a dental infection. How do you treat tooth decay? The doctor may recommend restorative dentistry to repair a tooth. You can once again enjoy a healthy, functional, and lifelike tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Decay

Question: What causes a cavity?

Answer: Cavities form when harmful bacteria can reach the layers of dentin below your tooth enamel. There, a cavity forms that will continue to grow unless properly treated. Bacteria can reach the dentin if the enamel is weakened, either by injury or poor oral hygiene.

Question: How do I know I have one?

Answer: You may first notice tooth sensitivity, particularly to hot or cold temperatures. Later, a toothache may develop that doesn’t subside. If you don’t seek treatment the decay may reach the inner pulp and cause a serious infection, leading to more discomfort and a greater risk of losing the tooth.

Question: Do I need a filling?

Answer: In most cases we may place a dental filling to address the cavity. The procedure involves removing decay and cleaning the tooth. Then, a metal-free composite resin will be placed. The doctor shapes the resin and cures the tooth with a special light. The restoration only takes a single visit to place and will blend with your remaining tooth structure.

Question: When is a crown necessary?

Answer: In the cases of severe tooth decay a filling may not be enough. The doctor may then recommend a dental crown, a restoration that fits over the visible portion of the tooth. Crows are custom-made and designed to protect the remaining tooth structure while providing lifelike restoration. If you have any questions about addressing cavities then please contact our office today.


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