All About Bruxism

bruxismhandsignIf you have never heard of the term bruxism – but friends or loved ones have heard you grinding your teeth – then it’s time you learn all about this somewhat frustrating yet completely treatable disorder. Why? Well, like many oral concerns, we can easily diagnose the issue and provide noninvasive bruxism treatment to protect your immediate and long-term comfort and oral health. The trick is to examine your smile and speak with you as soon as possible, so we can do our best to keep serious side effects from occurring (and keep you comfortable and smiling).

What Is It?

We refer to chronic teeth grinding or teeth clenching as bruxism. This is different from a voluntary decision to occasional grind your teeth back and forth or to bite down for an extended period of time. For the most part, patients remain unaware that they are bruxing, often only recognizing the problem when someone hears them grinding their teeth or when symptoms begin to present themselves.

Why Do I Have It?

There is not one single cause of bruxism, but many potential causes. For some, bruxism may occur as a result of medicine side effects or the intake of caffeine. Other patients may have poor alignment, uneven bites, uneven dental work, or missing teeth. Then, there are others who could use bruxism treatment as the result of stress-related issues. Fortunately, treatment addresses most concerns.

Is Treatment Really Necessary?

Yes, it is essential that you receive bruxism treatment if we determine that you habitually grind or clench your teeth. Why? Treatment will prevent serious long-term damage and address current discomfort. We may replace teeth, improve your bite balance, or address misalignment if necessary. Bruxism treatment may also include the use of a comfortable oral appliance that you will wear at night to cushion and protect your teeth.


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