How to Stop Snoring, with Your Astoria Dentist

snoring zzz'sSleeping with a snoring partner can be a challenge. Aside from the annoying noise, the lack of sleep can multiply your irritation and strain your relationship. As Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz explains, snoring is often the result of a problem with your oral tissues, and his expertise has helped many patients and their sleeping partners finally find the rest they deserve.  Learn how you can stop snoring with help from your Astoria dentist, and what procrastination can mean for your overall wellbeing.

The Mechanics of Snoring

When you sleep, your body’s muscles and tissues release all of their tension. Normally, your body can do so comfortably and spend the next several hours resting peacefully. Sometimes, though, the tissues in your mouth and throat, such as your tonsils or the base of your tongue, can partially block your airway. As your breath is forced through the smaller opening, the increased air pressure and vibrating tissues create the noise known as snoring, and the greater the obstruction, the louder the snore. Minor cases of snoring are often resolved when your sleeping partner forces you to change position, shifting your oral tissues out of the way. However, many snorers require additional assistance to keep their airways clear.

More Motivation to Stop Snoring

In severe instances, your oral tissues can completely block your airway and force you to stop breathing. Known as obstructive sleep apnea, this interruption causes your mind to panic after a few moments of oxygen deprivation and force your body awake to restart the breathing process. Usually, sleep apnea patients aren’t aware of their episodes, but the cycle repeats itself hundreds of times a night and can deprive you (as well as your partner) of necessary rest. The typical pattern of a sleep apnea cycle involves increasingly-loud snoring, which can become almost exaggerated at its peak, followed by a moment of silence as breathing ceases. The silence is broken by a loud gasp when you begin to breathe again, and as your body settles back down, the snoring returns and the cycle repeats itself.

Visit Your Astoria Dentist Today

Most patients with snoring trouble or sleep apnea can be effectively treated with a custom-made oral appliance designed to keep your jaw in a forward position as you sleep. The support helps prevent oral tissues from collapsing into your airway, allowing you to breathe easy and sleep soundly through the night. For more information on how to stop snoring, schedule a consultation with your Astoria dentist by calling our office today at (718) 728-8320. Located in the 11106 area, we proudly serve patients from Astoria, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the surrounding communities.