Astoria Dentist Explains the Power of Your Smile

Old wisdom tells us that a smile is contagious, and many of us recognize the saying, “smile, and the world smiles with you.” What some people are unaware of, however, are the tangible benefits of the simple act of smiling, including an improved overall quality of life. Unfortunately, a large portion of the population does not reap these benefits due to insecurities regarding their smile. Smiles that are blemished by stained, crooked, or missing teeth can significantly reduce your confidence, causing you to smile less often and less sincerely. Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, your Astoria family dentist, outlines the benefits of smiling, and the methods to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Everybody Loves a Smile

One of the more immediate benefits of smiling is, as stated above, the fact that it’s contagious. Studies regarding the therapeutic effects of smiling have shown that the more often you smile the more positive effect you have on your environment. Smiling also typically results in a better reception by your peers, or a feeling of belonging, which can significantly benefit your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Even a Fake Smile Helps

The damage that prolonged stress can wreak on your health is no secret. High blood pressure, gastrointestinal distress, improved risk of heart disease, and neurotic reactions are all related to anxiety issues. Experts believe that the act of smiling, even when forced, can help you slow your breathing and reverse the cascade of stress.

Improve Your Smile

No matter what dental issue prevents you from smiling your brightest, your Astoria dentist can help you resolve it. From minor blemishes like tooth stains, to oral health issues such as tooth loss, Dr. Leibowitz has the experience and state-of-the-art technology to bring out the best smile in all of his patients. To learn more improving your smile and oral health, or to schedule a dental consultation, contact Dr. Leibowitz by calling our Queens dental office at (718) 728-8320. We proudly serve patients from Astoria, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the surrounding communities.