Why Straightening Your Teeth Isn’t Purely Cosmetic

Clear braces in Astoria, NYIn an image-conscious society, it’s understandable that so many people have turned to cosmetic dentistry to improve their appearance. Not everyone realizes, however, that wearing braces actually contributes to greater oral health overall. Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, a general and cosmetic dentist in Astoria, NY explains that ClearCorrect invisible braces don’t just straighten your teeth. In fact, they could even prevent you from losing your teeth.

In an earlier blog post, we discussed the ideal candidate for invisible braces, revealing that there isn’t a single “type” of patient who benefits more than another. The clear plastic ClearCorrect aligners are virtually undetectable during wear, and you can easily remove them to brush your teeth and eat—a discrete alternative to traditional metal braces. The appeal is clearly universal.

ClearCorrect Addresses Malocclusion, or a Bad Bite

If your lower teeth are even with your upper teeth, or if your lower teeth overlap, you have a crossbite. Ideally, your bite should be such that the upper teeth overlap your lower teeth. A crossbite can occur on either side of your mouth, or it may affect both sides. If your front upper teeth completely cover your front lower teeth, you have what we call an overbite. In many patients who have an overbite, the lower teeth touch the roof of the mouth or the backs of the upper teeth. Invisible aligners address these types of malocclusion.

Effects of Crooked Teeth on Gum Health

When teeth are not properly aligned, they become more difficult to clean thoroughly. Bacteria and bits of food become lodged in crevices caused by overlap, and plaque hardens into tartar. Unlike plaque, tartar is a hard, cement-like substance that cannot be removed by flossing and brushing alone. Both are irritating to the gum tissue, increasing your risk of developing periodontal disease. Regardless of whether you opt for teeth straightening, Dr. Leibowitz encourages you to schedule a professional cleaning every six months. If you experience symptoms of gingivitis, which include bleeding gums that appear red and puffy, you should make an appointment as soon as possible. Advanced gum disease can destroy bone and cause you to lose teeth.

One Crooked Tooth Affects All of Your Teeth

Even if you have only one crooked tooth, it’s important to understand that this, too, can have a detrimental effect on your teeth. When your teeth are out of alignment, they are subjected to extreme force. Pressure is distributed unequally across all of your teeth, making them more susceptible to chips, cracks, and fractures. As the teeth become worn down, the problem worsens and may require restorative dentistry to repair and rebuild the tooth structure.

A healthy smile is an attractive smile. To learn more about ClearCorrect invisible aligners, or to request an appointment with Astoria, NY cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, contact us at 718-728-8320. Mention our website to receive a complimentary consultation. We welcome patients living in upstate New York and New Jersey, including Queens, Astoria, NYC, and the surrounding areas.