Astoria Dentist Answers FAQs About Clear Braces


Over the years, traditional braces have earned a less-than-stellar reputation. Many people report gum and cheek irritation and difficulty finding foods that won’t become stuck in their braces. Plus, you must endure a mouth full of unsightly metal. Fortunately, your Astoria dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, offers a clear and comfortable alternative to metal braces with ClearCorrect. In today’s blog, Dr. Leibowitz answers questions about this breakthrough orthodontic procedure.

Astoria Clear Braces Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does ClearCorrect work?

Answer: Instead of using metal brackets and wires to correct misalignment, ClearCorrect uses clear plastic aligners. The aligners will be custom-made using computer technology and advanced 3D models. The aligner is worn each day for the amount of time recommended by Dr. Leibowitz, typically between 20 and 22 hours. Over time, the aligners gently and gradually reposition the teeth for an improve smile.

Question: Will my clear braces require multiple office visits?

Answer: No. With ClearCorrect, you will require fewer office visits, saving time and money.

Question: Do I need to avoid certain foods?

Answer: No. Unlike braces, ClearCorrect can be removed before a meal. No more avoiding hard or sticky foods and no more fear of something becoming caught in your braces. Removable aligners also make thorough brushing and flossing easier, which improves oral hygiene and reduces the risk of teeth stains and tooth decay.

Question: How long does the ClearCorrect process last?

Answer: The amount of time required depends on the extent of your misalignment. On average, adults may need to wear the aligners for up to a year. Teens may require up to 18 months.

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