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Should I Try Dental Implants In 2019?

If you’ve lost one or more of your natural teeth, then don’t let tooth loss impact your life and smile in 2019. Instead, talk to your Astoria, NY, dentist about implant dentistry. With dental implants, we help our patients enjoy a full and beautiful smile once again!

How Does Sugar Lead To Cavities?

Now that the Christmas holiday is over, you’re probably left with plenty of cookies and other holiday sweets. While we love them as much as anyone else, we also know there’s a link between sugary sweets and cavities. What can our Astoria, NY, patients do to stay healthy and avoid the onset of cavities?

Does Your Smile Need Dentures?

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of addressing tooth loss. In today’s, we’re going to focus on when our Astoria, NY, patients benefit from dentures. What’s the difference between full and partial dentures, and how do we ensure they look natural?

Should I Replace My Missing Tooth?

If you lose a tooth, how important is seeking tooth replacement? In today’s blog, we’re talking about why our Astoria, NY, patients should never ignore tooth loss. Instead, they should seek replacement options, such as dental implants, to fill the gaps in their smile.

Will Dental Implants Address Advanced Tooth Loss?

Losing one tooth can be embarrassing, but losing several may mean severe consequences for your smile’s heath. In order to address advanced cases of tooth loss in Astoria, NY, smiles, we may employ strong and dependable dental implants. Let’s find out what makes them such a great choice for replacing lost teeth!

Enjoy Lifelike Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants!

We want our Astoria, NY, patients to enjoy a lifetime of healthy and complete smiles. Which means when a patient loses a tooth, we want to offer a durable and natural looking tooth replacement option. Dental implants not only look natural, but provide many years of dependable tooth replacement.

How Do You Create Dentures?

We can help patients in Astoria, NY with advanced tooth loss enjoy a full functional smile once again. For those with advanced tooth loss, we can create a set of lifelike and custom-made dentures. We’re going to talk about the differences between full and partial dentures, as well as how we create them.

Does Your Smile Need Implant Dentistry?

Over time, multiple factors can increase the risk of tooth loss, from poor oral hygiene to injury or even the presence of gum disease. When gaps appear in your smile, your appearance and your oral health suffers. Fortunately, we can offer patients in Astoria, NY lifelike tooth replacement with implant dentistry.

Will Dental Implants Address My Tooth Loss?

If you have gaps in your smile, then your overall oral health can suffer, not to mention the negative impacts on your appearance. When looking for a possible solution, then you may consider dental implants. We can use implant dentistry to address tooth loss and restore your smile!

How Do You Create An Implant Restoration?

A dental implant is a tooth replacement option that is inserted into the jawbone, where it bonds with the bone tissue and acts as a new tooth root. In order to ensure this tooth looks natural, we will then create a lifelike and durable restoration. How do we create implant restorations?