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How Does A Mouthguard Stop Sleep Apnea?

Have you ever heard of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? A common sleep disorder, OSA impacts millions of people in the United States. However, lack of treatment could lead to very serious complications. Fortunately, we help residents of Astoria, NY, rest easier with a custom-made oral appliance. How does a mouthguard stop sleep apnea?

Keep Your Smile Healthy With Checkups And Cleanings

Routine visits help your smile stay healthy, allowing you to often avoid the onset of common oral health issues. In order to help our patients enjoy healthy smiles in Astoria, NY, we suggest scheduling a routine visit twice a year. What makes a simple exam and cleaning so vital for maintaining bright and healthy smiles?… Read more »

Should I See My Dentist About My Headache?

When you have a headache, you usually don’t think about seeing your dentist. However, persistent head pain could point to common oral health issues, such as TMJ disorder or bruxism. Some people with regular headaches may benefit from talking to their Astoria, NY, dentist for a diagnosis.

How Do I Enjoy A Healthier Smile In The New Year?

With each new year comes a chance to make big changes in your life. With 2019 just a few days away, what changes do you want to make? We want to use today’s blog to highlight how our Astoria, NY, patients can maintain optimal oral health in 2019.

Don’t Forget To Use Your 2018 Insurance Benefits!

December means your calendar is about to become pretty hectic. Don’t let your smile get lost amid your busy holidays schedule. Contact your Astoria, NY, dentist to schedule a visit and use your 2018 benefits before they expire!

When Should I See A Dentist About My Gums?

When the health of our gums suffers, the stability of our teeth is threatened. Just like the rest of your smile, your gums require routine care to stay healthy and avoid serious oral health issues. In today’s blog, we’re talking to our Astoria, NY, patients about protecting their gums.

How Do I Prevent Cavities On Thanksgiving?

We all enjoy the holiday season, but Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings often encourage the consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Over time, this could lead to the onset of cavities. Fortunately, our Astoria, NY, patients can take steps to prevent cavities over the Thanksgiving holiday.

How Do I Protect My Smile From Cavities?

In two weeks, Halloween will be here. Shortly after, many of us will be celebrating a number of winter holidays. What do these celebrations have in common? Sugar! From candies and cakes to pies and cookies, the fall and winter holidays encourage the kind of foods that in turn encourage tooth decay. What can Astoria,… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Improving Dental Hygiene?

Throughout October, we’ll be joining other dental professionals across the country in celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month. We want to help our Astoria, NY, patients enjoy healthy smiles by taking better care of their smiles at home and seeing us every six months. Do you have questions about improving dental hygiene?

Does A Toothache Mean Cavities?

Occasionally, we have patients in Astoria, NY, contact us about an aching tooth. After all, pain in your tooth typically indicates the presence of decay or other oral health issues. Fortunately, we can help treat the issue and recommend options for avoiding decay down the road.