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A Very Close Look at TMJ Disorder with Your Astoria Dentist

We’ve discussed TMJ disorder, or TMD, and its diverse range of effects at length in the past, including ways to find relief from jaw pain until you can treat it professionally. The varying symptoms often make TMD diagnosis difficult, but regardless of the exact pattern of discomfort, the majority of cases result from an imbalanced… Read more »

Does Tooth Enamel Have an Achilles’ Heel?

You’ve probably heard of tooth enamel before, but do you know what it is? As your teeth’s first and foremost defense against infection and decay, understanding enamel can help you better protect it from damage and the bacterial processes that erode it, thereby protecting your tooth from decay and possible annihilation. Although enamel is amazingly… Read more »

What Else Can Your Smile Do For You?

Smiling is a universal symbol of content and holds a host of benefits for your physical and emotional health. That alone should be reason to ensure that you have enough confidence in your smile to show it often, but a slew of research shows that your smile provides an important, although more subtle, benefit to… Read more »

Astoria Dentist Explains What Makes a Mouth Kissable

‘Tis the season of many things for many people. Among those things is the excitement of ringing in the New Year, traditionally with a kiss from the love of your life. This year, you probably want the moment to be memorable for the right reasons. To help ensure your New Year’s kiss is a good… Read more »