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Your Top Questions About Clear Braces

Have you been staring at the smiles of celebrities, friends, and even strangers for as long as you can remember, wishing for a straighter grin? If your alignment has gotten you down, you may feel even less excited at the prospect of wearing a mouth full of metal brackets and wires. Now before you assume… Read more »

Why Straightening Your Teeth Isn’t Purely Cosmetic

In an image-conscious society, it’s understandable that so many people have turned to cosmetic dentistry to improve their appearance. Not everyone realizes, however, that wearing braces actually contributes to greater oral health overall. Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, a general and cosmetic dentist in Astoria, NY explains that ClearCorrect invisible braces don’t just straighten your teeth. In… Read more »

Astoria Dentist Answers FAQs About Clear Braces

Over the years, traditional braces have earned a less-than-stellar reputation. Many people report gum and cheek irritation and difficulty finding foods that won’t become stuck in their braces. Plus, you must endure a mouth full of unsightly metal. Fortunately, your Astoria dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, offers a clear and comfortable alternative to metal braces with… Read more »

The Advantages of ClearCorrect Invisible Braces in Astoria

Does your smile suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth, but you’re a bit apprehensive about wearing traditional braces to correct them? Many older teens and adults wish they could have straighter smiles, but don’t want to risk the potential embarrassment of metal braces in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Leibowitz understands this concern, as… Read more »

A Discrete Solution for Straighter Teeth in Astoria with ClearCorrect

Crooked and misaligned teeth are common among people of all age groups; however the most effective traditional treatment for straightening teeth, metal braces, is usually attributed to children and young teens. Adults must contend with a usually strong sense of self-consciousness when considering braces for straighter teeth. Many choose to eschew the treatment and endure… Read more »