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Quick Improvements Bring Stunning Results

Finding the time to set aside to improve your appearance can sometimes be a struggle. Before you head back into the office and start the new year, think about the positive enhancements you wish to see in 2023. Alongside your regular examination, discover how a cosmetic dental procedure using your own natural material can help… Read more »

Interested in a Beautiful New Smile?

To improve the esthetics of a person’s smile, many dentists will recommend cosmetic dentistry. With cosmetic dentistry, one or more dental treatments will be suggested to address the imperfections in a patient’s smile. Astoria NY cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, offers a variety of quality cosmetic procedures.  

Astoria Cosmetic Dentist Transforms Gummy Smiles

When your Astoria family dentist cares for your oral health, Dr. Leibowitz is not just concerned for your teeth; gum health is just as important as your dental health when it comes to maintaining a healthy mouth. So why should cosmetic dentistry be any different? At your Astoria dental office, we offer cosmetic dentistry services… Read more »