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Valentine’s Events In Astoria

We often take time in our blog to remind readers and patients about all of the fun and exciting community events taking place in Astoria. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, there is plenty to do and take your significant other to. For more information on any of these, visit Why Leave Astoria?… Read more »

Winter Events In Astoria, NY

Occasionally, Dr. Leibowitz and our team like to take time in our blog to reminding our patients and readers about all of the exciting things happening in our communities. There are a number of fun and interesting events happening in Astoria that you and your friends can take advantage of. For more details on these… Read more »

More Holiday Fun In Astoria, NY

While the weather has definitely chilled, there are still ways you can get out and have a great time. We like to remind our patients about what’s happening in our community. There are many holiday-related events you and your family can take advantage of. You can find more information about these events here. During this… Read more »

December Fun in Astoria

December has arrived and with it a number of fun holiday surprises for the entire family. Our community will be hosting a number of exciting opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy the season. We hope you will also have a little time to stop by and see us to ensure a healthy… Read more »

More Spooky Fun in Astoria

Dr. Leibowitz and our team enjoy providing quality dental care to families in our community. Being part of the community, we also like to take part in the various festivities and activities our city has to offer. From markets to Halloween fun, there is plenty for you and your family to enjoy. For more details… Read more »

Celebrate Halloween in Astoria

We like to occasionally use our blog to remind our patients about all the fun and excitement happening in our community. Astoria is a beautiful and unique city with something for everyone. With the weather cooling and Halloween approaching, there are a lot of fun and spooky events happening for the entire family. Don’t forget… Read more »

Fall Fun In Astoria

We love our community and want our patients to be aware of all the fun entertainment opportunities Astoria, NY offers. Summer is finally coming to an end and the temperatures are slowly dropping. Cerebrate the coming fall with free classes for you and the entire family; learn a new skill or hobby this weekend.

Great Jazz On The Great Hill

  Do you consider yourself quite the jazz aficionado? Is your vinyl collection of the greats becoming so vast that you’ve been joking you need to rent another apartment to accommodate it? Or, perhaps you enjoy jazz, don’t know much about it, but are always happy while you listen. Whatever the case, you will love… Read more »

Waterfront Concert Series

Do you happen to have a special place in your heart for the music of the late, legendary Johnny Cash? Perhaps you’ve been looking for something enjoyable to do that will give you an opportunity to take in some music and lounge in the warmth of summertime. If so, you happen to be in the… Read more »

Dr. Leibowitz Talks Finding A Dentist

Recently Steve Young of interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz. When asked what people should take into account when finding a dentist, Dr. Leibowitz offered sound advice for those looking for a dental professional. Today, we’re taking a look at the interview and four key pieces of advice Dr. Leibowitz offers.