What Makes Clear Braces Different?

Metal braces involve wearing brackets on the teeth, which are connected via an arch wire. They are very noticeable and must often be worn for up to two years. However, we can offer a more lifelike alternative with the unique ClearCorrect system. What makes clear braces so different?

ClearCorrect vs. Braces

First, with ClearCorrect we take detailed impressions and images of your smile, which will be used at a special lab to create a series of aligners from a BPA-free plastic material. They will be practically invisible when worn and won’t cause the gum and cheek irritation often encountered with metal orthodontics. You can also remove them before meals, which means you don’t have to change your diet or avoid certain foods. You can take them out prior to brushing and flossing too, which makes caring for your teeth significantly easier when compared to braces.

How Treatment Works

You will wear your clear braces daily for between 20 and 22 hours, removing them only for meals, cleaning your smile, or special occasions. About every two weeks, you will upgrade to a new set as your smile is realigned. In order to stay on schedule and see optimal results in the original timeframe the dentist quotes, you need to wear them as recommended.

The Potential Risks of Misalignment

Correcting misalignment isn’t just about improving your smile’s appearance. Without treatment, an uneven smile can make the onset of cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease more likely, as food particles can remain trapped between teeth and end up broken down by bacteria, causing plaque buildup. Also, the pressure that poor alignment can place on the jaw joints makes the risk of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) much more likely. If you have any questions about correcting misalignment or about our clear braces, then contact our office today.

Do You Have an Uneven Smile?

At Jeffrey Leibowitz, DDS, we can offer solutions to dental misalignment using clear braces. We’ve proudly served our patients in Astoria, NY (including Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and all surrounding communities) since 1991. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Leibowitz, call our office in Astoria today at 718-728-8320.