Astoria Cosmetic Dentist’s Quiz: The Art of Professional Teeth-Whitening

pretty woman portraying healthy teethEven if you diligently brush and floss your teeth every day, your oral health still requires professional care and maintenance on a routine basis. Likewise, your smile’s appearance may need a professional cosmetic touchup from time to time to ensure that it remains bright and presentable. After all, a brighter smile is one of the most frequently-requested cosmetic dental procedures today, and professional results require professional treatment. Your Astoria cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz, quizzes your knowledge of professional teeth-whitening, including when it’s needed and how it can be achieved without interrupting your busy schedule.

The Professionally-Brighter Smile Quiz

1.) Sometimes, tooth stains are inevitable.

a.) True

b.) False

2.) What kind of stain appears on your tooth’s enamel and is the target of professional teeth-whitening?

a.) Intrinsic stains                                                                             c.) Permanent stains

b.) Extrinsic stains                                                                            d.) Internal discoloration

3.) Where’s the best place to whiten your teeth?

a.) At your dentist’s office                                                           c.) At a beauty parlor

b.) At home                                                                                        d.) At your local pharmacy

The Answers

1.) True—The molecules that dictate the color of your food and beverages, called chromogens, have an annoying tendency to cling to your tooth enamel, staining your teeth even if you diligently brush and floss them every day. Also, a lifetime of use and enamel erosion can cause your teeth to lose their luster, making your smile dull regardless of how healthy it is.

2.) Extrinsic stains—Also referred to as external stains, extrinsic tooth stains describe blemishes on the outside of your tooth enamel’s surfaces. By contrast, intrinsic stains occur within your tooth’s main structure, called dentin, and cannot be resolved with chemical whitening treatment.

3.) At home—Technically, the best place to whiten your teeth depends on your own personal preferences; however, Dr. Leibowitz can custom-design a set of whitening trays that fit snugly over your teeth, allowing you to apply the professional-strength whitening gel from the comfort of your own home. In as little as 7-10 days, your smile will can be noticeably brighter, and you can keep your whitening trays to touchup your smile’s appearance whenever you see fit.

Learn More About Teeth-Whitening from Your Astoria Professional

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