Preventive Dentistry


An Investment in Your Health

Many people do not see a dentist until an oral health problem becomes too painful to ignore, necessitating extensive and costly treatments. Seeing your Astoria dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning can help prevent these problems from developing in the first place. If you should develop an issue with your teeth or gums, regular checkups ensure that Dr. Leibowitz can treat, and in some cases reverse, your problem with conservative measures. Consider the time and energy you put into maintaining your oral health an investment that will reap great rewards for your future health.

Preventive Dental Services in Astoria, Queens

Tooth decay and gum disease are two oral health issues that can be prevented with good hygiene at home and regular professional checkups and cleanings. Preventive dentistry not only reduces your risk of developing oral health problems, it can also improve your general health. Dr. Leibowitz offers treatment for TMJ disorder, bruxism, and sleep apnea in the form of custom oral appliances. If left untreated, TMJ disorder and bruxism can cause chronic pain and tooth damage. Untreated sleep apnea can lead to a variety of problems, including heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. Dr. Leibowitz invites you to explore his website to empower yourself with information regarding preventive treatments he provides.

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Dr. Jeffrey Leibowitz provides preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care with a personalized touch. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask questions. Located in Astoria, Queens, Dr. Leibowitz serves patients from all over NYC, as well as upstate New York and New Jersey.